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Wholesale Application

Wholesale Application
Price: $0.01
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Item Number: Wholesale-Application
Manufacturer: Wholesale Application


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on sale tax free


(Print this page before you proceed)
***Step by step instructions on how to submit this application...

1) Please answer ALL 'required' questions above & then select 'buy'.
2) Be sure you have no other items in your cart.
3) Proceed through 'checkout'.
4) Record billing and shipping information as you would like it to appear for your account record.
5) Record your personalized Username and Password
6) Wholesale code and/or 3rd party shipping is not necessary, please leave blank.
7) Hit 'NEXT'
8) Your shipping option should default to '0' shipping
9) Scroll down & you will see "Select Your Payment Method"....
10) Select "PAY BY PHONE"
11) Hit "Place Your Order"

At this time you will receive an order # & your information has successfully been submitted for review. 

We will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if your application has been accepted for Wholesale Rates.  At that time we will provide you with a unique 'Wholesale Code' or confirm your requested 'Wholesale Code' has been activated.  We will also provide you with information about the qualifying discount for Wholesalers.
(This is not disclosed on our site as a courtesy to our existing wholesale customers)

There is NO CHARGE for submitting this application. The $.01 is simply to allow the application to process through our system.

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