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Catalog Envelopes - Open End - Gummed Flap - 28lb - (7in x 10in) White

Catalog Envelopes - Open End - Gummed Flap - 28lb - (7in x 10in) White

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Use this to send flat, bulky materials or multiple small items like coins, catalogs and jumbo cards. Flap is on the short side, helping to keep things from falling out after opening. Also called a "catalog" envelope, it actually comes in 39 sizes from tiny to huge, in white, traditional kraft, and array of colors for special impact. 

Catalog envelopes are used for heavy duty mailing and shipping requirements. They come in standard size dimensions ranging from 3 7/8" x 7 1/2" to 12" x 15-1/2, and have center seam construction with a wallet flap which is on the shorter of the two dimensions. The term "open end" is sometimes used when referring to catalog envelopes.

Traditionally, they are produced from white wove, brown kraft, or Tyvek®. Catalog envelopes are also available on many other papers on a special manufacturing basis. They work well for mailings of pamphlets, brochures, sales literature, booklets, annual reports, magazines, catalogs, and on bulky materials that have some thickness to them.

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