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Announcing A6 envelopes

A6 Envelopes"A" envelopes come in a range of sizes. An "A" envelope is considered an announcement envelope and is used for thank-you cards, invitations and greeting cards. A6 envelopes, for example are 4.75 x 6.5 inches. The other "A" envelope sizes are as follows:

Announcement cards generally have straight flaps (for sealing) and side seams. The other style of envelope that is used for greeting cards or social stationery is the Baronial style envelope. This style has a large pointed seal flap. The name comes from "Baron", meaning that this style of envelope was, at one time, associated with status.

Greetings with A7 envelopes

A7 Envelopes When did the custom of sending greeting cards start? Some say the ancient Chinese started it all by exchanging good will messages in celebration of the Chinese New Year. By the early 1400's, handmade paper greeting cards were being sent to friends and relatives in Europe. In Germany, woodcuts were used to send Happy New Year wishes.

A8 envelopes: Christmas cards

Christmas cards today are often delivered in red or green A8 envelopes. The records show that the first Christmas card was published in 1843. By 1850, printing was becoming more advanced, making greeting cards more affordable and available to more people. The custom of mailing Christmas cards had begun.

A9 envelopes: Be mine

Today we have greeting cards for many occasions, including Valentine's Day. Every February 14th a large number of greeting cards are exchanged in classrooms, homes and even at the office. On that day, red and pink A6 envelopes and A7 envelopes and even A9 envelopes are used by the hundreds, if not thousands! We can thank Esther Howland for that. As a young woman she was the first to publish Valentine's cards in the United States and we haven't stopped asking "Be mine" since.

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