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Businesses need shipping envelopes

Shipping EnvelopesSo many businesses today are of the mail order variety. Many online companies and businesses sell products online that require shipping. Specialty shipping envelopes are quite a seller because of this growing marketplace. Most of these mailers are lightweight to keep postal costs down. More importantly, they are designed to keep your product safe, so it can get there in one piece.

Medical and dental offices make use of good quality shipping envelopes. What other industries make use of padded mailing envelopes? Well, photo supply businesses, recording studios, garden seed providers and vitamin supplement and drugstores, to name a few.

Padded mailing envelopes

Padded Mailing EnvelopesWhen you are shipping products or gifts through the mail you want to make sure they stay protected. Our padded mailing envelopes are resistant to tearing and whether you have a book or important documents inside, they'll stay dry. The bubble mailers have a white polyethylene film exterior and special peel and seal closure, with more bubble material inside.

Avery inkjet and laser printer labels

Avery Inkjet And Laser Printer LabelsWhether you run a mail-order business or have relied on being able to send print material, you'll appreciate our printable envelopes. Still, not all companies have the man-power or time to print out individual mailers. Avery inkjet and laser printer labels allow you to get the labels in the numbers you need. Why not save time and money by having pre-printed labels ready for use. The mailroom staff will love you (even if that means you!) and your customers will keep coming back because of your speedy service.

Corrugated cardboard mailers: special mailers

If you've got a product and you aren't sure about the best way to package it, you're not alone. Since newer technologies keep coming into our lives and businesses, it creates the challenge of how to best ship these items. Many companies have needed to hire packaging engineering firms to help them find the best packaging for their product. First and foremost, there are the cost factors. If your product or package gets damaged in transit, it could affect your bottom line. Keeping in mind that the first thing any client will see is the packaging of a product, it only makes sense that special padded mailers shouldn't be in tatters when they arrive at their destination.

We have cardboard mailers, including expandable corrugated mailers in many practical sizes. The largest of expandable mailers measures 16 x 21 inches. What's more, the higher the quantity of your purchase, the higher the discount you'll receive. What better incentive to stock up on your shipping and packaging specialty items.

If you're getting ready to start shipping your company's product to customers and aren't sure what sort of bubble mailer or shipping envelope will work best, contact us with your questions. We are your wholesale envelope distributor and are here to help.
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