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METALLIC Papers - 9" X 12" Booklet Comes 3 Colors 80lbs

METALLIC Papers  - 9" X 12" Booklet Comes 3 Colors 80lbs

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METALLIC Papers  - 9" X 12" Booklet Comes 3 Colors 80lbs

SIZE:9" X 12" Booklet

Style Description

When you can't or shouldn't fold the contents, here's the professional way to send flat but bulky materials- pamphlets, brochures, sales literature, booklets, annual reports, magazines, or catalogs. The flap, usually rectangular in shape, is on the long side for easier filling. Also see our Open End selection.

Color Description

Looks amazingly like the metal or mineral the color is named for. A modern way to convey quality and add personality, with sparkle and shimmer that stands out. And as you would expect, these "metallics" weigh in at a heavy 80 lb. stock.

Sealing Method                                                                                Moistenable Glue
Recycled Content                                                                             Not Recycled
Metric Size                                                                                         229mm x 305mm
Availability                                                                                          Plain items usually ships the same or next business day.

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