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The ancient Egyptians protected their messages by rolling them up. They used sheets of papyrus, a plant that grows near the Nile River. The word paper comes from papyrus. In other parts of the world, letters were simply folded and sealed. The seals were made of wax, with a signet ring, so the letter writer wouldn't have to worry about the wrong person reading it. Really important letters would have a gallows mark placed on the outside. If it were not safely delivered into the rightful reader's hands the delivery person would be put to death. (How they knew the letter never got there is hard to say!)

Most believe that it was during Queen Victoria's reign, around 1840, that the first letter envelope came along. The envelopes were known as Mulready envelopes and included prepaid postage. Even that long ago, decorating envelopes seemed to give people a thrill and the British had a contest for the best decorated envelope. As mail services expanded, machines were invented to make envelopes more quickly and in larger amounts.

Wholesale envelope distributor

It's probably safe to say that the early envelope machines could not keep up with today's production. As a wholesale envelope distributor we know the importance of being able to provide our customers with a variety of stock in good supply. We are committed to providing exceptional service. You'll find our wholesale application easy to fill out and we have a fax order sheet all ready for you to place orders on. As for stock, you'll find a letter envelope in any type, color or size.

With so many things being sent in the mail these days, like catalogs, CD's, DVD's and more, the right envelope has become more important than ever. As your wholesale envelope distributor we'll help you top off your catalog envelope inventory. You'll want to look at the A9 envelopes. They measure 5.75 by 8.75 inches- a perfect size to send photos and greetings. We also carry the A7 envelope style, shipping envelopes and many kinds of printable envelopes.

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