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Colored envelopes: Don't be blue

Colored EnvelopesHave you ever wondered about what certain colors mean? Let's say you want to send a friend a cheerful card. Colored envelopes can arouse certain feelings in a person. In fact, most of us aren't even aware of the messages we receive from different hues and tints. Yellow might be a choice for your friend, since it represents joy, happiness and optimism. We often say a person has a sunny disposition  - yellow represents the sun and can be great on greeting card envelopes.

Let's say you have a friend or relative that is in the hospital. Red would not be a good choice for a card or gift since it can make the heart beat faster. In China red is often used for celebrations and as a sign of luck.

Purple tends to represent royalty. That's probably because it was once made from the mucous gland of the snail. Thousands of snails would be needed to make a very small amount of dye. If you weren't nobility, you couldn't afford purple! Still considered an exotic type of color, you'll be happy to know that we sell very affordable purple specialty envelopes.

Sparkling shimmer of metallic envelopes

Metallic EnvelopesAs manufacturers continue to create innovative finishes and textures, the appeal for metallic envelopes continues to flourish. The magical way metallic colored surfaces play with light seems to brighten even the cloudiest day and mood. If you love the look of metallic envelopes, remember, you aren't restricted to gold and silver colored envelopes. You'll find a wide range of colors in our collection, like cobalt blue, azalea and punch. Retailers will want to keep a large inventory of these special envelopes- based on our many years of experience, they sell fast.

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