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The A7 envelope of today

CA7 EnvelopeThe A-sized or A-style envelope of today comes in so many looks and textures. Today you never know what surprise awaits you. Metallic and bold colors, linen and brown bag textures are just some of the styles to choose from. One thing we do know at The Envelope Supplier is that the A7 envelope of today still can hold something that's 5 by 7 inches. That's enough space to say Happy Birthday, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy New Year.

The A7 envelope of today may come in a pink and white marble-swirl design and hold plenty of greeting power...but it's still only the tip of the letterhead when it comes to the styles, design shapes and functions of the stock we carry. You have only to sign on as one of our wholesalers to find that we have one of the best inventories online with great prices to match.

The Envelope Supplier: just because

Envelope SupplierWhat started the greeting card business to really spread? Most would credit Louis Prang, an immigrant from Germany who started a small lithographic business in Massachusetts. That was in 1856. Actually Prang's first Christmas greeting cards were marketed in England in the 1870's. Five years later, his American line of greeting cards was introduced and became popular by the 1890's.

As time went on and the World wars came, cards were provided for soldiers overseas. The first card with a "punch line" came on the scene in the 1950's and humorous cards have remained popular. Non-occasion cards became all the rage in the 1980's. Today, anything that reminds us of our close connections to each other can be celebrated in a greeting card. Just because. The Envelope Supplier wants to be your online source of "just because" letter envelopes.

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